President’s Message

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I hope the summer season has left you feeling relaxed and ready to jump into the start of school with renewed vigor. There is much to get excited about this fall!

California’s Department of Education has issued its official Dyslexia Guidelines, which are an outgrowth of the passage of AB 1369. Please see the article in this issue for a quick summary of the guidelines and for a link to the complete publication.

These guidelines shine a welcome spotlight on the needs of struggling readers. Remember that IDA has several on-line pamphlets that may be helpful to teachers and families who seek more information about dyslexia. These can be especially helpful at the start of a new school year. They include Dyslexia in the Classroom: What Every Teacher Needs to Know and the IDA Dyslexia Handbook: What Every Family Should Know.

This October, IDA Northern California branch will celebrate Dyslexia Awareness Month with our annual speaker presentation. Dr. Margie Gillis will address effective strategies for reading as well as policy around reading instruction. Register now for this engaging presentation on October 7, 2017 in Palo Alto.

Also, the International Dyslexia Association is holding its annual convention in Atlanta in early November 2017. The international conference is a wonderful way to learn the latest research, gather materials, and network with colleagues near and far on the topic of dyslexia and related issues. Register now for this always-informative meeting.

Cawley Carr