2015 Summer Edition

Literacy and Language: Make It Structured! with Marcia Henry, Ph.D.

2015 SUMMER EDITION NEWSLETTER The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) has recently embraced the term “structured literacy” to describe the best approaches to language instruction—those that are sequential, cumulative, explicit, and multisensory. Structured literacy programs provide a valuable road map for teachers as they systematically introduce students to the components of […]

Presidents Letter

2015 SUMMER EDITION NEWSLETTER Summer has ended and a new school year is beginning for children and parents across the country. For some, this evokes excitement and for others nervous anticipation. For a child with dyslexia and her parents, the new school year can even bring up feelings of fear. […]

Raising Reading Scores with Structured Literacy

2015 SUMMER EDITION NEWSLETTER by Nancy Redding, M.Ed. According to The Nation’s Reading Report Card (National Center for Education Statistics, 2013), 42% of California’s fourth graders are reading at a below basic level, 33% are reading at a basic level, and 34% are reading at a proficient or advanced level. […]

Join Us for an Oct. 17 Experience Dyslexia® Video Shoot

2015 SUMMER EDITION NEWSLETTER Ready to make your movie debut this fall? Join us on Saturday morning, October 17, 2015, at the Carey School in San Mateo for a live filming of our Experience Dyslexia® simulation. Thanks to a generous donation from a member and supporter of NCBIDA, professional videographer […]