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An Eight Year Old’s Journey with Dyslexia

An Eight Year Old’s Journey with Dyslexia According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities, 2.4 million K-12 students (or 4.7% of all students) have a diagnosed learning disability. Many more are never diagnosed. Dyslexia (difficulty reading printed words, spelling and writing correctly) is the most prevalent and well-recognized type […]

Dyslexia Facts for California Teachers

2014 FALL EDITION NEWSLETTER Long-time NCBIDA Board member David Futterman shared his knowledge of dyslexia in an article in the August 8, 2014 issue of California Educator, a publication of the California Teachers Association. David, who serves as our branch treasurer, works as a special education teacher at California High […]

“I Need Yu to Help”—One Mother’s Story

2013 FALL EDITION NEWSLETTER by Mary Kay DiMaggioMK DiMaggio Mom and Dab, I like skol. I like Ms.____. I do math gud, but I need yu to help so I can red betr. I luv you vare much. Filled with contempt, the second-grade teacher slid this letter across the table […]

Literate Nation California Coalition Needs You

2013 FALL EDITION NEWSLETTER Literate Nation California Coalition is spearheading a grassroots movement to change the public school system to ensure that all struggling readers receive research-based interventions from well-trained teachers. The statistics are alarming. Only 24 percent of California 8th graders are proficient readers on the Nation’s Report Card […]

Why Should We Call It Dyslexia?

2013 FALL EDITION NEWSLETTER by Nancy Redding, M.Ed. “In our school district, we do not use the term dyslexia, only reading disability.” “There is no such thing as dyslexia.” “Dyslexia is a vague term. We need a more specific diagnosis.” Ever heard any of these quotes? Chances are, if you […]