Children’s Book on Dyslexia

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Children’s Book on Dyslexia

Childrens BookI just published a children’s book on dyslexia, called ‘Why Can’t I Read?’. It’s AJ’s story about how he struggled with reading and how he’s come to deal with his learning disability. It’s the book we wish we could’ve read when we were confused and frustrated with his reading challenges. It is available in paperback on Amazon. Here is the link to buy the book: Why Can’t I Read?

This is a book about one boy’s struggle with dyslexia. It is told from the child’s perspective to help other children and their parents understand and deal with the frustrations, shame, and despair of not being able to read, to ultimately overcome the obstacles to reading, and become proud of the fascinating dyslexic brain. This book should be read by children, parents, teachers, and anyone who has a loved one struggling with a learning disability. It’s a story of resilience and hope.

We are a local San Rafael family and the book has received great reviews. Please check out our book and recommend this to children and parents in your life, or anyone in education.

Thank you!!