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NCBIDA on the Web

DicksonSocial media has captured our culture over the past decade, proving to be a great way to stay connected and learn from our friends and colleagues with similar interests. NCBIDA has an active Facebook page, with over 500 followers. We post a few times a week, and find it’s a useful way to inform people about upcoming events and noteworthy articles on dyslexia. Every post to Facebook is also tweeted out on Twitter, so both are easy ways to stay informed. If you don’t have time to regularly search for articles on dyslexia, just follow us on Facebook and check out the information we post from a variety of sources. Here is a sampling of some of the most recent articles we’ve posted:

How children learn to read (with information on “stealth dyslexia”), from The New Yorker
Intellectually gifted kids and learning disabilities often go hand in hand, from science 2.0
What’s going on inside a dyslexic student’s brain? from
Actor Michael Douglas talks about (his son’s) dyslexia, from
What makes a school dyslexia-friendly? from
Jennifer Anniston shares that she has dyslexia, from
Dyslexia entrepreneurs—why they have a competitive edge, from

So follow us on Facebook or on Twitter at Nor Cal IDA (NCBIDA), and stay informed and connected through NCBIDA!