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Teaching Teachers & Empowering Parents

IDA NorCal sees the profound impact COVID-19 (coronavirus) is having on our global educational community. In particular, we recognize the challenges and uncertainties families of dyslexic students may be facing because of California school closures. We also realize the amount of on-line resources being offered to help support at-home learning may feel overwhelming, particularly to parents and caregivers of students with dyslexia. We are therefore sharing a link to Helpful Resources for Home Teaching, Learning and Fun. We believe this list developed by Literacy How, includes expert resources and ideas for appropriate at-home learning.   Stay safe and be well.

Welcome to the International Dyslexia Association of Northern California. We are committed to providing you with information about dyslexia through our website resources. IDA Northern California is notable for our powerful dyslexia simulation, Experience Dyslexia®. This simulation has led to greater awareness of dyslexia across the country and around the world. Please browse our website to learn more!

Emma Elizalde
International Dyslexia Association –
Northern California (IDA NorCal)


Larry P. Student Scholarship Fund!

IDA NorCal and Decoding Dyslexia CA (DDCA) have teamed up to create a Larry P. Student Scholarship Fund (Larry P. Fund) with the purpose of awarding scholarships to African American students in public school in Northern CA who are struggling with reading and spelling skills…Learn more here




Dyslexia Guidelines Released by the California Department of Education

In August, the California Department of Education published long-awaited dyslexia guidelines designed to assist regular and special education teachers and parents in identifying, assessing and supporting students with dyslexia. The complete guidelines are available on the California Department of Education website.

Parents, schools, educators and professionals, learn much more here.

  • Dyslexia is the most common learning disability with 15-20% of the population showing symptoms of dyslexia. Learn More

  • It is a language-based learning disability and is not related to intelligence– plenty of very bright people have dyslexia.
  • There are many successful people with dyslexia such as Henry Winkler, Caitlyn Jenner (previously known as Bruce Jenner), Whoopi Goldberg and Charles Schwab.
  • IDA has established standards for teachers of reading. These research-based standards are helpful for all and critical for students with dyslexia.


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