Experience Dyslexia™ Kit

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The Experience Dyslexia™ kit is available for purchase. Use the Experience Dyslexia™ kit to present simulations to your school or organization. The kit can be used for teacher and parent programs to raise awareness of the struggles of people with dyslexia.

Order the Experience Dyslexia™ Simulation Kit

Watch our Experience Dyslexia™ video to see the simulation in action and hear from participants.

Learn how to set up your Experience Dyslexia™ simulation kit from our Experience Dyslexia™ Set-Up video.

Order the Experience Dyslexia™ Simulation Kit including:

  • Inventory of materials
  • Facilitator’s introductory and final summary scripts
  • Dyslexia fact sheets
  • Individual station instructions, scripts, and worksheets
  • Two MP3 audio files to download for audio stations

Kit does not include these additional required materials

  • Mirrors
  • Pencils
  • Listening centers/headsets

Please allow up to 10 business days for shipping. US & Canada orders only. Includes shipping and handling.

For any orders shipped outside of the US & Canada, please contact us at admin.ncal@dyslexiaida.org.

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