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About Us

As the oldest branch of IDA, we have been providing research-based information on dyslexia to the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California for more than 40 years. Our goals are simple: to increase awareness of dyslexia, disseminate information about dyslexia, and to encourage the use of research-based programs for teaching students with dyslexia. We offer workshops for parents and teachers, a hands-on simulation called Experience Dyslexia™, and resources to increase awareness and support for those affected by this learning difference.

The mission of IDA Northern California is to assist individuals with dyslexia (specific language-based learning disability).

  • We educate the community about the causes, symptoms, assessment and remediation of dyslexia.
  • We provide information about available resources.
  • We promote teacher-training programs that teach Structured Literacy to educators and other professionals.
  • We collaborate with organizations working on behalf of people with dyslexia.

MembersOur IDA Northern California members include educators, psychologists, physicians, individuals with dyslexia, and parents who have dealt with learning disability issues with local public and private schools. Meet our members of the Board of Directors.

Please join us!

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