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FAQs about Teacher Training

Why is it important for educators to be trained in a Structured Literacy approach?

Research has shown that explicit, systematic, phonics-based approaches are necessary for many children to “break the code” of our language and become proficient readers and spellers. Unfortunately, the training provided in most teacher preparation programs is not sufficient to ensure that teachers become proficient in the use of Structured Literacy approaches, so it is important to seek out such training as part of one’s ongoing professional development.


Who should consider getting Structured Literacy training?

Training in Structured Literacy techniques is important both for mainstream classroom teachers and for educators of children with specific language learning disabilities like dyslexia. This includes resource specialists, special day class teachers, paraprofessionals, tutors and educational therapists, as well as mainstream classroom teachers. Structured Literacy techniques–while indispensable for students with dyslexia–are beneficial for all learners. Thus, teachers who use Structured Literacy techniques in their regular classrooms help each of their students, not just those with learning differences.


For which grades is Structured Literacy training most appropriate?

Structured Literacy training is vital for everyone who teaches students of any age with language learning disabilities. Because such disabilities are sometimes not identified until later grades, it is especially important that teachers of grades K-2 receive Structured Literacy training, since the early identification and remediation of learning disabilities is crucial in preventing future academic problems and the devastating experience of school failure.


Are there specific standards for teaching reading?

Yes, IDA has established standards for teachers of reading.  These research-based standards are helpful for all and critical for students with dyslexia. Learn more here.


Which programs are accredited by IDA?

There are both university programs and independent teacher training programs accredited by IDA. Click here for a listing of IDA accredited university programs. Click here for a listing of IDA accredited independent teacher training programs.


Where can one learn about upcoming Structured Literacy teacher training programs? 

IDA Northern California posts teacher training programs in the San Francisco Bay Area on our website. Our events page also lists workshops in the Bay Area during the school year.


Are there scholarships for Structured Literacy teacher training programs? 

IDA Northern CA offers a limited number of scholarships for eligible teacher training programs. Learn more here.

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