Experience Dyslexia® for a Powerful Professional Development Workshop

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What is it like to have dyslexia? NCBIDA’s learning disabilities simulation, Experience Dyslexia®, can give teachers a taste of the challenges dyslexic students face—and the emotional toll of school struggles. If your school is planning professional development activities for the coming academic year, tell them about our simulation. NCBIDA can conduct a simulation workshop onsite for a modest fee, or your school can buy an Experience Dyslexia® simulation kit and produce the event in house.

The 90-minute simulation takes participants through a series of listening, reading, and writing tasks that simulate the struggles dyslexic children face as they try to master critical skills. It includes basic information about dyslexia and information on how it can be treated and accommodated in the classroom. Experience Dyslexia® is appropriate for educators, parents, and older students.

The comments after a PEN-sponsored simulation on March 13th at The Bay School of San Francisco, attended by more than 60 parents and teachers from a variety of schools, were typical of those we hear at the end of each workshop:

“It was profoundly moving.”

“Now I have a sense of what my child is going through.”

“I understand why my student is exhausted at the end of the day.”

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