Join Us for an Oct. 17 Experience Dyslexia® Video Shoot

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Ready to make your movie debut this fall? Join us on Saturday morning, October 17, 2015, at the Carey School in San Mateo for a live filming of our Experience Dyslexia® simulation. Thanks to a generous donation from a member and supporter of NCBIDA, professional videographer Eric Wong will use footage from the simulation to create a short marketing piece for our branch, which we plan to post on our website.

The simulation is free and will take place in the morning—check our website for details in the coming weeks. Participants will be asked to sign a photo consent form in order to be filmed. If you would like to attend, please email

Experience Dyslexia® is a powerful 90-minute interactive training for teachers, parents, or anyone interested in learning more about what it feels like to have this common learning disability. NCBIDA regularly offers the simulation as part of IDA’s national conference. We also sell kit materials to schools and parent groups in the United States and internationally. Proceeds from sales of the kit help support our nonprofit branch’s work.