Literate Nation California Coalition Needs You

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Literate Nation California Coalition is spearheading a grassroots movement to change the public school system to ensure that all struggling readers receive research-based interventions from well-trained teachers. The statistics are alarming. Only 24 percent of California 8th graders are proficient readers on the Nation’s Report Card 2011 (NAEP). California has a 33 percent drop-out rate. But these struggling readers are our future, and we cannot let them slip through the cracks, year after year.

The Literate Nation California Coalition is built on the principle that all students have a right to become fully literate so that they can have the opportunity to reach their individual potentials.

The coalition is working towards a new state literacy law that will:

define dyslexia in the state
provide teachers with preservice and inservice training in dyslexia and foundational reading instruction
mandate early screening and intervention.

Parents, teachers, family members, and friends of struggling readers are encouraged to visit the coalition’s website to find out more about the coalition and its work. You can add your voice to this effort by becoming a member (it’s free!).