Presidents Letter

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DicksonAs we welcome in the New Year, I’d like to remind us all of the NCBIDA Experience Dyslexia® simulation that has been a powerful eye-opener to many people since it was first created in the 1980s. This simulation contains six stations that simulate reading, writing, and listening challenges faced by many people with dyslexia. Recently, the simulation was given in Los Angeles with the help of one of our former board members, and an article by Ronna Mandel was published in L.A. Parent about her experience.

Ms. Mandel writes, “Maybe you’ve felt that your child with learning differences is just not trying hard enough at school. This simulation promises attendees an eye-opening exploration of what it’s like to walk in your children’s shoes.”

As you plan for school workshops and parent events for 2015, please consider having an Experience Dyslexia® workshop to help broaden awareness and understanding about dyslexia, or purchase an Experience Dyslexia® simulation kit that you can use now and in future years. Even companies such as Microsoft are using Experience Dyslexia® to help employees have a better understanding of learning differences in the work place. As one participant said, “I found it extremely eye-opening to put myself in the shoes of a dyslexic learner. I thought I had an idea what students with dyslexia felt, but I really didn’t. I was frustrated when doing the tasks and can only imagine what a student with dyslexia must feel every day.”

To schedule an Experience Dyslexia® workshop or purchase an Experience Dyslexia® kit, please visit our Simulation webpage.

Frances Dickson
NCBIDA Board President