Volunteers Hone Their Skills at Simulation Workshop

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More than 40 people attended IDA Norcal‘s first-ever training in how to run an Experience Dyslexia® workshop – our branch’s popular dyslexia awareness activity. The March 17th morning event at the Carey School in San Mateo was designed for people who want to learn more about serving as workshop facilitators or as leaders of the six stations that make up the simulation. The session provided an opportunity to build skills by reviewing updated simulation materials and observing seasoned station leaders and facilitators in action.

“With an expanded pool of trained volunteers, we hope to be able to respond to more requests for the simulation,” said Glenn Ricafrente, who coordinates simulation scheduling for IDA NorCal.

In addition to offering Experience Dyslexia® simulation workshops to schools and other organizations, IDA NorCal provides Experience Dyslexia® simulation kits for purchase.